Welcome to Cape Town’s most prolific online graffiti map.

Feet on the street, get out, get involved. If the souvenirs and usual thin veil of tourism isn’t for you, then this is.

The mission being conscientization, education and reclaiming public space from big business. 

Free art, root level community interaction, integration, history, and a little adventure.

Getting you – the wilder ones – into the street. In that, creating community, putting funds where they should be. With the people and not McDondalds. Given that, you’re on this site, its fair to say you feel at least a little bit the same.

Speaking of,  don’t forget to buy something from the community. From a coffee at an independently owned coffeeshop or cigarettes from the local suparette. That way you’re not helping buy some exec’s second BMW, rather you’re helping the family’s youngest go to school or eat tonight. 

Because people are curious. we are one, but divided. Based on some emerging economics and anarchistic principals. Not for the flex, but art for the people by the people, I mean as long as our country has these high walls, we may as well paint them. In search of the least sanitised experience, not just a flavoured version of your home country. 

The economic thinking, hinges on diverting tourism funds away from multinational corporations, and usual tourist traps to the communities who need them most. The anarchistic principals lie in normalising our true culture, understanding local issues and by actively integrating, creating community to help raising the standard of living for the average joe.