Honda Scoopy parked centre path.


Damn surprising, what these little 110cc scooters can do. Smooth sweeping roads, newly paved and in mint condition. This is the standard in the archipelago, but has the habit of turning into loose rutted gravel, without warning. Or worse yet, road that is still varicose veined with its once seamless tar. But in the search …

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Broken surfboard

Super sucks

In the car park I’m warned against going out. Couple of boys here and there with some scratches. Ppfft whatever. Paddling out, the waves are mechanically perfect, the stuff of dreams. Never seen anything like it in my life. But then a set wave comes through. My heart rate spikes, real hard. “shit, I’m kinda …

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Temple shrines carved into a cliff face in Bali Batuan.

Missing the Mark

So those interviews I mentioned earlier. Yeah, they didn’t pan out as predicted. F***, S***, C***, P***, F***, T***. Ok panic over… and actually I’m feeling pretty good about the whole situation. Lighter and free-er, or whatever. (Another) Speed panic. Ok no issue, guess other options will have to do. So, then the question becomes, what do …

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