Wisdom from the wild

Candice Gordon at Endless Daze, Cape Town 2018 by Joshua Stein.

Cathartic Candice on a Sick Society.

Cathartic: Providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions; causing catharsis. In medicine purgative. – Merriam Webster (I had to look that one up…) In damn deed cathartic, Candice, a humble witty lady residing in Berlin these days. Actually, that’s not the whole truth, she’s on her (mostly) German Autumn/Winter tour – Exploratour …

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Cape Town, South Africa. Front of a silver 1980's Bently.

Uber driver on Woo’ing 

For the heterosexual male (or anyone really) “You submarining?” “I’m sorry, what?” “…” “Like going under?” “Yes!” “Dude, I haven’t surfaced for weeks.” “hahaha, where are you off to?” “To meet a girl.” “Ah, you want to know about love” – Curtains Close –  Well this was easily one of the best Uber drives in …

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Riverbed in west Sumbawa Indonesia, lots of green plants and flowing water while light reflects off the slow flowing stream.


It’s a laugh, in entering the title my autocorrect kicked into action. Sigh, damn it. We’re walking through the forrest, pleasant once you dodge the snaps of  rude wind. See, we were celebrating the end of our stint in formalised education. Henceforth, real grownups, certifiably productive. We had leant much useful shit. Much much. Some …

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