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BAZ-Art Salt River Cape Town, painter's feet up against a wall.

Street BAZ-Ar(t)

Admittedly I was tentative steering into the lot. Having only interacted with their reps briefly and having made the mistake of giving the rumours weight, or perhaps suffering a modest case of pre article jitters. Culminating to ambiguous vibes, to say the least. Parking the car and mentally going over the plan once again. A…

Keith Vlahakis, We the People piece outside the drawing romm cafe, Observatory Cape Town, Saffari.

Word off the Street

Ok, ok, so this academic, Alex Kataras has some interesting views on what gets graff artists ticking and “the role of advertising, propaganda and graffiti art” in shaping the collective consciousness of a society. It’s a pretty heavy read, so here’s a condensed version, infused with what I’ve learnt on the street so far. Alex …

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Candice Gordon at Endless Daze, Cape Town 2018 by Joshua Stein.

Cathartic Candice on a Sick Society.

Cathartic: Providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions; causing catharsis. In medicine purgative. – Merriam Webster (I had to look that one up…) In damn deed cathartic, Candice, a humble witty lady residing in Berlin these days. Actually, that’s not the whole truth, she’s on her (mostly) German Autumn/Winter tour – Exploratour …

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