Crisis Averted

Saffari takes a blurred action shot of coffeeshopblues.

At home

Things are going to get strange from time to time. What brings me home is a tragedy. Lets bluntly explore it, this tragedy as it is. To start, I have little to say. Partly, due to the shock, it is difficult to care about much. Partly, as the old adage dictates, if you don’t have something nice to …

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Port window of an inter island ferry in indonesia, between sumbawa and lombok.

Gili T

Oh god damn I’m hung over. Fuck this place, there’s no way I’m getting stuck in this tourist trap for the week. I caught the last boat in and I’m gonna catch the first boat out. You see the swell of the decade is heading our way and is threatening to stop all boats and …

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Blue boat in Maluk West Sumbawa Indonesia


We caught word of an uncrowded wave breaking in an isolated bay. So we set off to the nearest port at the crack of dawn. After approaching a couple of fishing boats with the aim of charter, we finally find one with a price we could justify. Our captain introduces himself as Superman. Welcoming us …

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Indonesian cop and saffari playing guitar in Lombok.

The Popo

It had been a challenging ferry ride, from the bule (westerner) tax that lead to me missing the goal ferry and putting me first in line to wait for the next (More on this tax in Tedak Bagus), to a rooster vehemently preempting dawn, wreaking my barely passable sleep. Fuck, whatever I’m up now. I …

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