BAZ-Art Salt River Cape Town, painter's feet up against a wall.

Street BAZ-Ar(t)

Admittedly I was tentative steering into the lot. Having only interacted with their reps briefly and having made the mistake of giving the rumours weight, or perhaps suffering a modest case of pre article jitters. Culminating to ambiguous vibes, to say the least. Parking the car and mentally going over the plan once again. A…

Blue boat in Maluk West Sumbawa Indonesia


We caught word of an uncrowded wave breaking in an isolated bay. So we set off to the nearest port at the crack of dawn. After approaching a couple of fishing boats with the aim of charter, we finally find one with a price we could justify. Our captain introduces himself as Superman. Welcoming us …

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Coming Together

Planning for global travel the first time is a wild one.  The admin mountain is real, really real, its basecamps are numerous but achievable. The real fun comes in the fog of the unknown. Even in the age of the internet there lurks a little spoken of creature.  Surprise admin.  Yes, surprise admin. It will, …

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