Experimental Phase

Afrikaburn 2018 2019 2020 scene captured by Playfulphilosopher.

Culture Shock

Sprawl, loosely organised. Staring. Community. Lack of basic comforts, tinned food, preservatives. Lots of walking, biking if you’re lucky. Dust. Swagger. Orchestrated chaos. The above description is ironically fitting for two wildly different experiences in ya booi’s life. One a very — Really quite — upmarket joll in the middle of nowhere. Not gonna snitch, cause for all the …

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Temple shrines carved into a cliff face in Bali Batuan.

Missing the Mark

So those interviews I mentioned earlier. Yeah, they didn’t pan out as predicted. F***, S***, C***, P***, F***, T***. Ok panic over… and actually I’m feeling pretty good about the whole situation. Lighter and free-er, or whatever. (Another) Speed panic. Ok no issue, guess other options will have to do. So, then the question becomes, what do …

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