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I must say this foray away from the net is proving to be more challenging than anticipated. I miss looking up whatever was on my mind at the exact moment it is on my mind.

Amazing that hey.

The world of knowledge at our fingertips and the fortune to take it for granted.
And thats only my first iteration of understanding it.

Heres one that you may find interesting:
First empty the cup of your mind. That is to say suspend your beliefs.

Imagine the driving forces of cells, I doubt they are rational thought but are instead compulsions.

I as a human being have similar compulsions in the form of emotion. Perhaps even lacking free will altogether, but thats another discussion for another time.

So its not so far out to draw likeness between beings and the cells that compose them. Therein human kind can be imagined as organism in its self.

Now that pretty far out, but buckle your seatbelt it’s bout to get wilder.

Now the internet is able to transfer information in electronic form across almost the entirety of this organism.

It could be likened to the nervous system. Rudimentarily.

Meditation kids, not even once.

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