Man running around a fire, with many spectators. Few garments. Captured by "©Playfulphilosopher"


Intention, the road to hell and all that. But we not going that far down the rabbit hole today kids.
Jokes Apparently we are.

It’ll allow you to get away with so much — Too much — but as soon as you realise that you loose it. Sorry.

Like a surprising amount of shit, pretty much whatever you want.
yeah, nah, yeah. Don’t underestimate us as social beings, we hella attuned to each-other. Gaining part of our competitive advantage in (large) part from our ability to co-operate. It makes all the sense in the world that we can read one another like books. Thanks to our built in handbook, a.k.a. instinct, we can literally read minds. If you don’t think thats the tightest shit then get outa my face.

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