Cape Town, South Africa. Front of a silver 1980's Bently.

Uber driver on Woo’ing 

For the heterosexual male (or anyone really)

“You submarining?”
“I’m sorry, what?”
“Like going under?”
“Dude, I haven’t surfaced for weeks.”
“hahaha, where are you off to?”
“To meet a girl.”
“Ah, you want to know about love”

– Curtains Close – 

Well this was easily one of the best Uber drives in my, thus far, short ubering life. The man laid out his user friendly roadmap to love. It relies on two principals.
The first, be the man that creates memories and link these to your affection for her, the “footprint” principal. The second, don’t fuck around, the “know” principal.
Ok so they’re backwards, but thats the order he gave ‘em in so I ain’t gonna repackage too much. 

Principal 1:

When in-love with a woman, or lust, or – typically – a mix of the two. Our boy recons to let her know in a non-pushy way, often. Get to know her, like actually listen.
Thats not exactly wild advice.
In his model the age old wisdom of persistence holds weight. A new one for myself, thus far my strategy has been the antithesis.
Once you know a thing or two, plan something that your lady friend has never done before, and go do it with her.
Again, actually listening here is hella NB. 

Principal 2:

Figure your shit out. What do you like in a woman. Really like?
Sure start superficial, and make a mistake or two but actually listen to yo’self. Then when given – or seeking – the opportunity to connect with a woman, don’t be playing games and such.
Also, doing the world the disservice of settling, nobody needs the drama that brings about. And size her up, do you actually like her or are you just excited that she seems to dig you.
And that’s it in a nutshell. 

Simple and elegant, No?


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