Balinese temple

Tedak Bagus

“The offerings if incense is for the gods but the food is for the animals.”

The island of 1000 temples. Is a uniquely spiritual place. Known to move vehement atheists, through honest interaction with locals, to prayer.

This however is starkly contrasted by the overt corruption in officials, namely the coppas.

I can only assume bread by the harsh realities of poor economic conditions mixed with exposure to massive inequality in the form of travellers. Leading to opportunism, on both sides.

Which I’m surprisingly not against – in any way except morally. I mean it spreads the wealth – amen Marx – and it allows for greater entrepreneurial opportunity, through subverting bureaucratic inefficiency, etcetera etcetera. But it feels fucking iffy.

I suppose that feeling could originate from the fact that it is creating and embedding a culture of corruption. We all know how that ends.

Look at it like littering, also prevalent in the area, if one person does it from time to time, it’s an eyesore/minor issue. But if left unchecked it becomes widely acceptable and a major problem. If allowed to progress to this point it will be hella hard to get rid of as not only has the gunk gotten into every nook and cranny, but behavioural change is difficult to instigate on an individual level let alone a mass one.

To solve a problem, it is necessary to first admit that there is one.

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2 years ago

[…] to me missing the goal ferry and putting me first in line to wait for the next (More on this tax in Tedak Bagus), to a rooster vehemently preempting dawn, wreaking my barely passable […]

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