Faith 47 Cheetah (2007) street art piece in Salt River Cape Town South Africa. Saffari

Stories From the Street

“The artist’s name is Faith 47”
“Sweet, thanks. Does she still produce? All her stuff around here is old.”
“Yeah, she’s huge in the U.K. Old friend of mine, I paint too. My studio is actually near here.”
“Right on! can we come for a quick visit?”
“…Alright, but I only have 5 minutes.”
We were sussing out Faith47’s 2007 Cheetah piece (Pictured above), while running about Salt River. Exploring what street art the mother city has on offer.

Well… street art, whatever you choose to call it; public art/vandalism/ a slew of countless synonyms, dependent on the particular resentments or appraisals you embody. This, it must be known, is not a single culture; rather a set of sub-cultures, which differ wildly and hold strong opinions. With respect to this, we will define and name each as we encounter them.

However, as a whole we’re talking dissent, protest, the messages, fighting “the man”, legality, social and economic impact as well as operating within the space. How all this and more ties together in forming the living, breathing culture in which they all participate, nay compose. With a view to explore the culture with a wide impact on the collective conscious.


… An hour later we re-emerge from the studio, a little giddy at the whole ordeal. Not only had Andrzej  (@a_urbanski) given us a thorough education on his personal history, through the graffiti scene and the media’s standing in fine art; but shared the concept behind his art. Which I suspect – and hope we will come to see – is applicable to wider graffiti. Bear in mind it is in the form of a 17th century quote so requires a little extrapolation. It goes as such;

“Native Americans told the white man settling on their land – ‘The white man builds in squares, lives in squares and rides in squares, so he must also think in squares.’”

Alluding to the affect that living in widely homogenous environments, has in stifling thought. Leading to the inability to “Think out the box.” Or for those of you on an Apple product “Think Different.”


In that vein we make our expedition into the discreet world of graffiti and boy-oh-boy is it rich. Hold onto your seats, this one is lining up to be a goodie.

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