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Practice and Intention

Yep, a bald faced practice post.
What are my goals? to put words on paper.
My means? The capacity for honesty.

I figure part of the reason this blog is difficult to write is the lack of a central theme.While writing about myself and experiences is sustaining it so far (all two posts). I’m not quite vain enough to believe that I’m about to grow my writing or build a following in any way babbling on about my worldview.

Yes, part of this blog is aimed at growing a following.

Cause I aim on using it as a marketing tool and source of income.
Why this as income? While currently I could certainly be categorised as both an artist and starving, being a starving artist seems unsustainable.

The marketing tool, you’ll just have to find out about later, but its got to do with sustainability, not in the day to day sense, but more in manipulating the current paradigm to one that will allow us to survive on this planet for a couple more generations, perhaps beginning in the fast moving consumer products sector.

But if I gave all that planning away for free on the net, I’d die in squalor. While trying to make the world a better place and being a bit into asceticism, I’m most certainly not a Martyr. It always seemed too dramatic.

So there you have it, honesty.
And there I have it, practice.

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