Honda Scoopy parked centre path.


Damn surprising, what these little 110cc scooters can do.

Smooth sweeping roads, newly paved and in mint condition. This is the standard in the archipelago, but has the habit of turning into loose rutted gravel, without warning. Or worse yet, road that is still varicose veined with its once seamless tar. But in the search for uncrowded waves, the brave rental scooter pushes on.

The noise is thunderous. Chatter of complaint reminding you that this is not even nearly what the engineers had in mind for your beloved steed. But with much faith in the old heroic Honda Scoopy. It has surely survived much worse than you, in its aged 70 000 kilometre life.

Plus, if this weren’t OK.  Surely you’d see no other scooters out here, miles deep in the tropical forest. At least far fewer, at the very least better suited models.

This is not the case. The locals here are a testament to Japanese over-engineering. Sporting – sometimes sport- scooters and bikes in the most remote locations.

The strategy when it comes to the gravel seems to be, rather counterintuitively, to apply speed as the remedy to the clanging and cracking of the bodywork. You see if you’re simply gliding over the top of the gravel, your suspension has little time to jolt and shake you out of control. That is assuming you keep your head on and miss all but the firmest looking of gravel. Remembering not to make too sudden a move, lest you loose the little grip your tiny tires are fighting valiantly to maintain.

Day in – day out, such is the life of the little rental scooter. Over worked and under appreciated. So know this noble Honda Scoopy, A.K.A. Cream Lightning, A.K.A. Scoop Dawg, fucking love you and promise to change your oil before the next multi island trip.

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