Temple shrines carved into a cliff face in Bali Batuan.

Missing the Mark

So those interviews I mentioned earlier.
Yeah, they didn’t pan out as predicted.

F***, S***, C***, P***, F***, T***.

Ok panic over… and actually I’m feeling pretty good about the whole situation. Lighter and free-er, or whatever.

(Another) Speed panic.

Ok no issue, guess other options will have to do.
So, then the question becomes, what do I want to do?

Oh no, I have very little (no) experience in making decisions for myself. Mommy?!

Wait, first an email to find out what went wrong.
No reply, thanks guys

Alright alright alright, at least steps have been made.

Now what?

What do I want? — Everything it seems, perhaps nothing.
Thats no good for the subject at hand.

Let’s lighten up a touch shall we?
Mountains and the sea, those are the things I dig.
A job, to extend the time abroad.


Fancy some simple living, and funds are — of course — limited.
Right, so third world.
Hello seasonality.

Ok cool embracing my privilege and going to Bali.

Tight, we making progress.

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