Saffari’s ceation on the playa of tank captured by "©Playfulphilosopher.” Cape Town Africaburn 2017 2018 2019.

Is it Arson if its Yours?

The actual answer is at the bottom of the article, but you’re here, and the articles not that long (I promise) and interesting (I swear).

The Bamouvre, yeah thats the name.

Well, apologies, background. We’re building a louvre inspired pyramid from bamboo this upcoming burn. Need I say more?

Ok, in that case. The word on the street was that there was some growing wild near a derelict plot.

The word was right.

Knock, Knock. Nobody’s home. No dogs either – been this way for a while by the looks of it.

Well that covers our arse.

Yes, yes its pretty fucking illegal – The arson thing!

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