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Ever heard of the paradox of choice?

It states the more options given the less satisfied of happy a consumer is. Well that seems not only to be a bit of academic garble.
Shits true.
Let me explain.

Once bitten twice shy.
I’ve owned a couple of leading brand cellphones.
All of them left me with a bitter taste in my mouth, over promising and under-delivering.
So I’m very reluctant to give them my money again.
I guess I hold a grudge.

The point of this post by the way is to bitch. So it’s not going to get enlightening at any point, in case thats what you’re holding out for.

Here I sit, ok I’m going to give one of the little guys a go.
Lets see whats important to me in a phone.
Decent battery. (Fuck being stuck in the rain.)
Fairly hardy. (Fuck my butter fingers.)
Won’t be obsolete within 2 years. (Fuck unnecessary waste.)
Fits in my hand/pocket. (Fuck Phablets.)
Reasonable set of expectations I would say. (Fuck me, right?)

Also, residing in the country with the worlds highest Gini coefficient, it would be nice if it didn’t cost an arm or leg to replace.

Right, let’s hit it.
BOom. Info overload.
500 tabs open, laptop overheating and brain going full on idle.
So here I sit wading through things I don’t understand and can’t quantify. like the mAh of a battery and the like.
Relax tech zealot. I’m getting the hang of it and don’t need your help.

I’m left wondering when in my life this decision warranted days of research and soul searching.

Like I get that these things have become extensions of ourselves, but fuck, when did it become so important to me? Oh thats right after my last bit of tech didn’t even make the 6-month mark and someone introduced me to the concept of money’s function as a voting medium. Goddamn, the last thing I want in my early twenties is more responsibility, especially that which I cant duck or dive from, originating from the conscious..

That was good for me, was it good for you?


P.S. Whatsup, it’s September now. I went for a Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact. Cause of its toughness etc. My advice? Skip Sony in general. The XZ1 wasn’t nearly waterproof. A far cry from their claims of IP68. When I moved to sort this out with them, they took the phone in and then quoted a bunch of their fine print at me. So now, I’m not only out of a phone but also responsible for a whole bunch of avoidable fees. The kicker, the repairs aren’t going to solve the underlying problem. Thats just the main, there’ve been plenty little annoyances, but we won’t get into that. Also you’re way back here in the history, thanks for the read :).

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