Saffari action shot. Cape Town, Graffiti, urban art, Man in red pants jumping over another sitting.

Going Hard

Theres this button. Gym bunnies will understand as will ravers. Although it’s doubtful that gym bunny ravers do. You know if you’ve got it, no need for the article in your case, but stay and read. Hell, comment if you wanna. But, I digress. Back to the button. The -go-hard- button. Those with scars, tinnitus, or a screw loose know this little button well.

They may too, know the button’s second cousin. The little danger voice. The one that whispers seductively into your ear, when you stand on the edge of a cliff – to jump -, drive past a particularly heavy oncoming vehicle – to swerve -. Yeah, that bastard. More on him another time. Today we talk about fictive buttons not disembodied voices. Thats twice I’ve digressed now. Apologies, it’s staying in.

Those with the go-hard wiring. Doubtfully it’s your proudest quality, certainly not your mom’s. You can always tell just before you press it, that it’s coming. Yet, you rarely avoid it. You may linger in the foreplay for kicks, but it’s more often than not that you jump first and look where to land later. Fuck it feels good, this is exactly what you want, goodness-gratious-me is it moreish. However, careful not to hurt yourself. * Thanks uncle Bret.

Those with level heads. There’s usually a tip off that you’re in a go-hard’ers vicinity. The fun has an edge, like if you push it – nay, fail to actively curb it – you may be in for more than you bargained for. But my-oh-my they make you wanna, with their charming recklessness, they implant this strange, strong, itch. Their call of the siren.

First clue lies in the environment. It’s making you feel a little icky, uncomfortable, anxious, but excited. Let me set the stage.  People are sweating, pupils are dilated, in the background, fast electronic music, thats just the gym scene. But these dank areas are the natural habitat of go-hards. Odds are there’s one on the loose in your immediate vicinity. Perhaps more than one, they are solitary creatures but have been known to, as we saffas like to term it, ‘pull in’.

Much like a wild beast, when confronted with such a situation, don’t move fast, make a calm fluid exit. They’re known to be excitable, fast movement draws them in. Don’t think you can spot them from a safe distance either. While many identify with this button as a core characteristic. Not all do, and many avoid tipping the general public off. Being seen as a menace to society, camouflage is key. It gets tiring, dodging coppas, and being considered an imbecile. However, like recognises like. We see you, man in the suit, making your best efforts to merge with the speaker.

It’s not adrenaline, which has similar affects, it’s almost the anticipation. No, no, no, that’s too narrow, it relegates the entire population, of go-hard’ers, to junkies of only one neurotransmitter. The wonderful thing about this particular button is that it seems to be triggered by different circumstances for all. If this is due to nature or nurture, it cannot be certain. Given anecdotal evidence and for that reason, it can be reckoned this go-hard tendency is the attempt to reach flow.

That’s what it is. It’s the whole of your being being focused into the task at hand, because in some cosmic sense this is what you were made to do. Even if, that is in this moment to compose and recompose an email explaining exactly why your thesis deserves the paper it’s printed on, or stomping your goddamn foot straight through Africa at this or that trance festival.

It’s delightful. Whatever inspires your itchy finger. Send that shit, go harder than man has dared to go before. In the words of the worlds favourite anti-hero Hunter S. Thompson. “The edge… theres no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are those who have gone over.”

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