Riverbed in west Sumbawa Indonesia, lots of green plants and flowing water while light reflects off the slow flowing stream.


It’s a laugh, in entering the title my autocorrect kicked into action.
Sigh, damn it.

We’re walking through the forrest, pleasant once you dodge the snaps of  rude wind.
See, we were celebrating the end of our stint in formalised education.
Henceforth, real grownups, certifiably productive. We had leant much useful shit. Much much.

Some of which, are models to break down a situation into bits and see systems and sub-systems and so on and so forth.
Using this newfound power, we were unpacking the intricate process of tree climbing. As said before much useful shit.

Working through the intricacies of its joys and pitfalls, pleasure intwined threat.
Having had a good rally of intellectualised one-upmanship. We found ourselves almost having our heads bashed in with the answer.

“Where do you begin?” The tree feller is asked.

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