saffari inspired to tranquility in Vietnamese craft beer bar by maneki-neko.



“This place has a really cool feel to it.”

It’s not just the full leather adorned by the 480 microbrewery supporters. Nor the “don’t give a fuck” attitude of anyone born before the 90s. But rather, what knits those together, damn near seamlessly. Somewhat personified by the ultra hip bartender interluding your friends, surf rock gig with ‘suit and tie’.

But more accessibly reflected by the driving. Ho Chi Minh’s is far looser than previously encountered. Which is precisely why it works. Make no mistake, it’s an experience as wild as any. But these unwritten rules, make sense, almost instinctually.

The crowd is softened by consistency, playing swallow and Swarming. Requiring a delicate balance give and take, with no room for hesitation. From time to time, the rules of swarm may come as a surprise, testing the edge of many a westerner.

This theme runs deep this week, as it is a good one for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately this is the scope of it for this week. Having to return home for a stint leaves me wanting more desperately. Look forward to some unguided posts for a while. Cape Town here we come.

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