Saffari paddling towards the camera at Scar reef West Sumbawa Indonesia.


Bali, the mecca of modern surfing.

Good luck getting any surfing done though…

Don’t get me wrong, the waves are mecca level. Like really, really good. I’ll say it again, really, really fucking good. But picking one off the crowd, that’s another kettle of fish.

Working the crowd is a whole different skill set. The go-to strategy seems to be aggression and anger. But those are not fun emotions to have, or be around. As we well know emotions are contagious, in that vein allow me to share an alternative.

A personal favourite, and pretty effective (I might add), strategy is to be aggressively stoked. You see it’s double barrelled. Not only does it lift your mood and that of those around you, but it also scores you more waves, as the crowd loosens up, leading to more sharing and less dropping in. Leading to a more amicable surf experience all round.

Just because the reef is made of scalpel doesn’t mean the attitudes need to be.

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