Coming Together

Planning for global travel the first time is a wild one. 

The admin mountain is real, really real, its basecamps are numerous but achievable.
The real fun comes in the fog of the unknown. Even in the age of the internet there lurks a little spoken of creature. 

Surprise admin. 

Yes, surprise admin. It will, I repeat will, jump out at you. It can be somewhat staved by adequate research and chats but it’s always lurking in the shadows. However worry not its more daunting than dangerous.
To deal with it, when it pounces, all you have to do is loosen the hips and bend the knees. Good advice in general actually. Which loosely translated is a reminder to stay flexible.

This is a good thing, it’s one of the key lessons in launching yourself headlong into the wind. The lesson of self-reliance and the confidence that results from this growth. 

Caveat: This is written from my couch at home, in lieu of dealing with some surprise admin. So there’s that.
Actually, lass this crap, I’ma book my flights right now, and scramble to get the rest done in time.  

Next update, going nowhere slowly. 

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