Candice Gordon at Endless Daze, Cape Town 2018 by Joshua Stein.

Cathartic Candice on a Sick Society.

Providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions; causing catharsis. In medicine purgative. – Merriam Webster (I had to look that one up…)

In damn deed cathartic, Candice, a humble witty lady residing in Berlin these days. Actually, that’s not the whole truth, she’s on her (mostly) German Autumn/Winter tour – Exploratour 2018. Which began here in Cape Town. We caught Candice just after her first set – which admittedly we missed a lot of, setting up camp. We were ungodly late – in which she dropped a line to the notion of. “This one goes out to Elon musk, because without the Universal Basic Income, he’s going to get eaten.” Which  can only be assumed to allude to labour automation and the effect this has on civility at large, particularly its  the potential for proletariate unrest. Look, this is interpretation, but when someone uses such conceptually dense sentences it requires a bit of interpretation, something you’ll see is key to her character a little later in this interview. I’m not going to pretend that I get all of it. Here is what she had to say.

 Kicked it off with the question stemming from a previous statement “Music is medicine?

“Oh wow, straight into it. Give me a minute to think… I think a lot of our society is really sick. It’s kind of been corrupted, not just politically but in a foundational way.” She begins the reply. “Thats what I mean by sickness.” She goes on to say. “Art… music, is cathartic. We look through the world through our own lens, first. Artists are trying to represent their inner world to the outer world.”  Those on the other side of the sound system inadvertently apply their own lens here. “In experiencing the art. Even if they don’t like the art, they are processing it and therein their world.  I think thats very cathartic… Cathartic. In the sense that it is cleansing.”

Your song the kids are Alt-right. Was that a play on, The Kids are All Right by The Who?

“Yeah! Yeah, but when you’re writing a song, with a title like that, it’s like making a stupid joke. You laugh to yourself, but a year later you’re playing the same f*cking joke. It gets a little old. Not the song per se, the joke on the title.” But  “The point of the song is that; there was this whole generation of rebellion.” It relates to us because, “In a way this alt-right movement is a rebellion. But the desire for rebellion, that is being coerced.” People are quick to cry, “It’s political madness!” Which seems to be the sentiment that leads to people thinking, “‘Oh well, Donald Trump I’ll vote him, he’s rebellious.’ And people voted him in, cause he is rebellious.” “Its just funny how, that generation was anti-establishment… [Now] Its a different f*cking establishment, I guess.” 

“Like dialectical materialism, no?”

“Yes, [but] it’s just funny how all of this can be exploited in a way to control people.” Everything, is exploitable, all of these sub-cultures. “Any one of them that start out as being reactionary, too, then can be exploited to control people.”

“Anything with soul is eventually sold?”


Now that we’re done sampling her message, here’s a sample of her work:

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Sebastian Daniels
1 year ago

Cathartic. That’s a new!

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