"©Playfulphiosopher" captures the Cape Town skyline at seapoint.

Anni’s Veggie Lasagna


Arrive, pre-hosting anxiety in the air.

Greet Anni, tension unwavering.


God it’s been a long day.


Crack a beer, Ok let’s hit this.


Ok, stir the chopped onions and eggplants sautéing.

Make idle chat.

Finish my beer.


Sauté onions and eggplants.

Please don’t let this be busywork..

Bitch about lowly position.


Get promotion to garlic and green pepper cutter.

Moving up in the world, am stoked, may write home.


Grate cheese, lateral move.

Do the whole damn block, only steal 2%.

Skimming isn’t crooked.



Stir the eggplants.

Can scrape most off the plate, was smooth, no-one will notice.


Help gets requested, fuck yea tallness.

Learn that Norwegians struggle with the word Oregano.

Deep in the herb hunt.


Double thick yoghurt + Mozzarella + Parmesan and a blender are 4/5ths of the ingredients to the next layer, basil is in there too.


Add skinned tomato’s and reduce.

Vibe with her roommate.

Do drink rate audit, grab another beer regardless.


Layer; reduction ^ Double thick blend ^ Basil/Green spinach mix ^ Pasta ^ … ^ Cheese.

Sprinkle paprika for shits and gigs.


Bake in mystery heat oven.

Have friends arrive.

Atmosphere warms.


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